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Replica of the sword from Ulstein, Norway

Classification: type Hindenburg-L├╝deritz/Nordic BA V - Weight: c. 650 grams (bronze) - Length: 68 cm (bronze) - Material: bronze (Cu88Sn12).

Edge: hardened through cold hammering - Original: Ulsteinhella, Ulstein, Norway ().

Scabbard and sword-belt available, please contact info@warriorbronze.com for options and prices.


The Ulstein sword

Details of the scabbard/belt set:

  • Three bar-studs based on a bar-stud from a BA V burial at Grimstrup, Fredriksborg c., Denmark.
  • The hilt ferrule is based on original findings, but sized to fit the Ulstein blade.
  • A deer bone/antler chape.