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Rixheim, France (type Rixheim)

Weight: c.810 grams - Length: 68 cm - Material: bronze (Cu88Sn12).

Edge: hardened through cold hammering, ground - Original: Rixheim, France (Reim 1975: no. 26)


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There are about 80 known type Rixheim swords, distributed in a belt from Western France to Hungary, clustering in Switzerland, Southern Germany and Eastern France. The type has a narrow blade with a rather massive cross-section. This fact, as well as the three rivets in a triangular position, has been taken as evidence of inspiration by Mycenaean rapiers. In the most recent treatment of the Rixheim type, this idea is rejected in favour of a local development from earlier Tumulus period blades (Reim 1974).

The type has outliers in Western France, and the Rixheim sword is likely to have been a significant inspiration for the invention of the Rosnoën type in the west. The Rixheim type sword is securely dated to the Riegsee horizon/BA D (c. 1300-1200 B.C.).



The original sword from Rixheim. From: Reim 1974: no.26.

To represent the type Rixheim sword, the sword from the male cremation burial 4 from Rixheim, France, has been chosen (Reim 1964: no. 26). It has decorative lines characteristic of Reim’s variant E.


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