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Replica of the sword from Zapher Papoura, Knossos, Crete

Weight: 690 grams - Length: 53 cm - Material: bronze (Cu88Sn12).

Edge: hardened through cold hammering - Original: Zapher Papoura (Evans 1905: fig. 39a; Killian Dirlmeier 1993: n0 93).

Scabbard and sword-belt available, please contact for options and prices.



The sword from the Tomb of the Tripod Hearth


Arthur Evans excavated the Tomb of the Tripod Hearth, and in 1905 he published a drawing of the sword from the tomb with a total lenght of 42 cm. Allthough we should be critical to Evans reconstructions, this drawing did clearly indicate that the sword was broken at several places. In 1993 I. Killian Dirlmeier published a new drawing of this sword, now 61cm long, and with no fractures. In this case, Evans in fact seems to be the more reliable source, and the replica sword on the images is just slightly longer than Evans suggestion. (* contact for longer versions).

The replica is fitted with dark walnut handle plates and pommel pieces (the original had ivory handle parts), the border hidden with a gilt bronze band with repousse ornaments. Most of the rivets are mock rivets, like on the original. The scabbard and belt features the following links to Aegean findings:

- the belt-clasps: the bronze belt-clasp is a replica of a clasp from Chamber tomb 102 at Mycenae, and two similar antler clasps are used for the suspension

- the flower-pattern: the flower pattern is based on the pattern on a gold "belt" from Shaft Grave Circle A at Mycenae.

- the chape: inspired by the chape from Aiani tomb 22 (but fitted to this sword and scabbard).



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Kilian-Dirlmeier, Imma. 1993. "Die Schwerter in Griechenland, Bulgarien und Albanien." Prahistorische Bronzefunde, abteilung 4 Band 12