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Replica of spearhead with flame-shaped blade from Ruigenhoek

Weight: 260 grams - Length: 27 cm - Material: bronze (Cu90Sn10Pb1)

Edge: hardened through cold hammering, ground - Original: Ruigenhoek, Netherland (Butler 1989: fig. 5.11).



West-European spearheads with flame-shaped blade

The basic shape - socket and flame-shaped blade - is widespread in the Bronze Age, and may occur in different periods and cultural contexts. This specific type was made and used in the Rosnoën horizon of western France c. 1250-1150 B.C., and is linked to Rosnoën type swords. The replica is based on one of thirteen specimens found in Netherland, all considered as imports from Western France.

Spearheads with flame-shaped blades from the Netherlands. The replica is based on the second one from the left. From Butler 1987.

The hoard from Rosnoën itself contained such a spearhead, but also spearheads of other shapes as well.

Spearheads from the large Rosnoën hoard. From: Nallier & Le Goffic 2008: Fig. 11.

The replica is a light-weight casting with thin socket walls and a cavity reaching about 20 cm towards the tip, and peg-holes for securing the shaft.



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