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Replica of dagger from Hognestad

Length: 26 cm - Material: bronze (Cu90Sn10), elm

Edge: hardened through cold hammering, ground - Original: Hognestad, Rogaland C., Norway (S 6400).



The Hognestad Dagger

 The Hognestad dagger has been chosen to represent the daggers from period II of the Nordic Bronze Age (1500-1300 BC). It comes from a burial excavated in 1936 at Hognestad, Rogaland C., Norway (S 6400). It has a blade barely 20 cm long, decorated with multiple-grooves and a pommel piece with delicate spiral band on top. While daggers at this time followed both men and women in burials, it is my impression is that comparable daggers are often found in female burials throughout the Nordic area.




Above: photos from the excavation in 1936. In the chamber to the right, you can actually see the dagger blade on the floor. © 2018 Arkeologisk museum, UiS




The original dagger, S6400. © 2018 Arkeologisk museum, UiS